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  • What is the staple type?

    Punch Filled (or Staple set) brushes are produced by stapling tufts of wire, filaments or natural fibres securely into a plastic, wood, steel or aluminium body to create the desired configuration to s

  • Wht's the classification of brush machinery?

    Classified by moving axis, there are 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis.  Classified by brush type, mainly divided by household brush making machine and industrial technical brush making machine.

  • What's the moving axes and their orbits?

    The 2-axis, 3-axis, 4-axis and 5-axis, which refers to the number of axes of movement. The 2-axis is generally designed to left-and-right movement, forth-and-back movement, such as 2-axis broom tuftin

  • What do the 5-head, 3-head and single head stand for?

    The main functions of brush making machine is drilling and tufting. 5-head stands for 3 drillings and 2 fillings, equipped with a workbench 6 or 12 fixtures, works in continuous cycle, high efficiency

  • What's the tufting types?

    There are two tufting types: anchor type and staple type. Anchor type, use flat wire cross hole and seize up fiber, see below picture: Staple type, use round wire shaped as a triangle to seize up fila

  • How to choose a suitable brush machine?

    Here are some tips: 1) Broom/brush is pre-hole, and tufting surface is flat, such as floor broom, outside broom, cloth brush, bed brush, paint brush, scrub brush, BBQ brush, lath brush, etc.

  • How to produce different brushes in one machine? What component will be changed?

    1) Need to replace platform; it has other names like table, worktable, and workbench. There are round platform (for round wc brush, double hockey brush, etc.), flat platform (for broom, cloth brushes,

  • What's the advantage of low-speed brush machine?

    The low-speed brush machine is more suitable to fill animal hair such as pig bristle, very slim fiber, steel wire and copper wire; it’s suitable for filling small hole (not bigger than 2.2mm), and sho

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