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  • New website is launched officially

    2017-01-01, our new website www.cncbrushmachine.com is launched officially. Welcome to browse and leave a message!

  • 2016-2017 Bow our thanks

    2016 will be over soon.Transaction is the beginning, service will never end.Honesty is more important in a deal.Once met, is a friend of ours.Being trusted is a pleasure.Thank you to all our customers

  • Relocate to a new factory building

    2016-12-09, we relocated to a new factory building. The new address is A9, NO.11 QianJin Road, XiaBai Industrial Zone Ⅱ, Luocun Naihai District, Foshan City, CHINA.Phone number: +86 - 757 - 8640 8583S

  • CE certificate

    2016-10-25TOPSTAR Brush Machine has passed CE certification from Notify Body designated by the European Union and obtain CE certificate and related test reports. The "CE" mark is a safe

  • User Manual

    According to the structures and features of various brush machines, the differences of operation systems, we have made the corresponding machine user manual, which including system functions, system o

  • Brush classification

    Brush is divided into civilian brushes and industrial brushes. Civil brushesCivil brush is the brushes that people use for cleaning in daily life. Such as toothbrush, paint brush, home cleaning b

  • Civilian brush category

    Used in the daily life of the brushes are: kitchen brush ware, shower brush, shoe brush, toothbrush, pot brush, laundry brush, scrub brush, coat brush, bath brush, bottle brush, glass cleaning brush,

  • Industrial brushes

    A major manufacturing tool in production equipment, or a necessary accessory in technical installations, the brush is one of the guarantors of the reliability of the production process. According