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  • Machine Catalogue And Videos

    Machine Catalogue And Videos

  • User Manual

    According to the structures and features of various brush machines, the differences of operation systems, we have made the corresponding machine user manual, which including system functions, system o

  • CE certificate

    2016-10-25TOPSTAR Brush Machine has passed CE certification from Notify Body designated by the European Union and obtain CE certificate and related test reports. The "CE" mark is a safe

  • Relocate to a new factory building

    2016-12-09, we relocated to a new factory building. The new address is A9, NO.11 QianJin Road, XiaBai Industrial Zone Ⅱ, Luocun Naihai District, Foshan City, CHINA.Phone number: +86 - 757 - 8640 8583S

  • 2016-2017 Bow our thanks

    2016 will be over soon.Transaction is the beginning, service will never end.Honesty is more important in a deal.Once met, is a friend of ours.Being trusted is a pleasure.Thank you to all our customers

  • New website is launched officially

    2017-01-01, our new website www.cncbrushmachine.com is launched officially. Welcome to browse and leave a message!

  • Algeria customer Mr. Malek visited our factory

    2017-04-20Algeria customer Mr. Malek visited our factory with his Arabic translator Mr. Ma. Mr. Malek just brought a set of monofilament production line, and he want to complete a whole production lin

  • TOPSTAR products are published in brush industry magazine

    2017-06-22, TOPSTAR brush machines will be published in the 2018 China brush industry magazine. Customers want to know more about brush machinery, please call us at +86 757 8640 8583 or email us at cn

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