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Industry information

  • Brush Fibres

    Choosing the right filaments is an essential step in making effective brushes. They come in an array of materials and looks.  There are four categories of filaments:1. - Metal wires: steel (high-

  • Natural fibers and synthetic fibres

    First, the natural fiber There are a wide variety of fibers, the earliest use of natural fiber, the so-called natural fiber, which is, such as bristles, wool and the like directly collected rathe

  • Ingredient features of nylon fiber

        1. Nylon is currently common with abrasive nylon used nylon: nylon 612, nylon 1010. Features: a. Excellent bending recovery capacity; b. Moisture absorption is low; c. in the humid

  • Abrasive wire selection standard

    1. High grinding efficiency, good wear resistance, fatigue resistance, long service life;2. Good resilience, high strength, dry, wet the hardness of the situation, immersed in water within 80oC good r

  • Abrasive fiber features and application

    Industrial abrasive wire (referred to as abrasive silk) is a high-quality nylon carrier, dissolved in silicon carbide (SIC) and alumina (AO) and other abrasive blended special brush wire, for finishin

  • The differentiation of PP, PBT, PET, PVC, PE, PA monofilament

    Synthetic fibre, another name of plastic monofilament, including PP, PBT, PET, PE, PA monofilament. They are polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, polypropylene or polyamide and other plastic melt extrusi

  • Pure nylon monofilament features and application

        Pure nylon monofilament made of high quality nylon N612, N1010, N610, N66, N6 and other raw materials by melt spinning, without grinding sand, brush wire has excellent overall perfo

  • PVC monofilament features and application

        PVC low cost, short service life, poor wear resistance, so the industrial brushes less use of PVC as fiber, in order to avoid frequent replacement of the brush. PVC monofilament can be m

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