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Product Name: SF5A 5 Axis Single-head Tufting Machine
Model No: SF5A

Specifications & Features
  • Axis: 5
  • X axis stroke: Max.180
  • Y axis stroke: Max.350
  • A axis stroke: 360º
  • B axis stroke: 90º
  • Z axis stroke: Max. 300
  • H axis stroke: /
  • Drilling head: 0
  • Filling head: 1
  • Tufting type: Staple
  • Fixture: 2
  • Speed (r/min): 450
  • Stroke (mm): 130
  • Hole dia. (mm): Min. 2.5/Max. 6.5
  • Filament length (mm): Min. 40/Max. 270
  • Diameter of filament (mm): Min. 0.05/Max. 1.5
  • Colour: 2
  • Power (kw): 4.5
  • Air pressure (mpa.): 0.4 - 0.6
  • Size (length x width x height, mm): 1200 x 910 x 1860
  • Weight (kg): 500

l  Can be replaced by different platforms and fixtures to produce a variety of pre-hole regular-shape and irregular-shape brushes, such as broom, toilet brush, double hockey brush, etc.


l  Adopt high-speed machine head system. Speed reaches 7 holes per second.


l  Equipped with a worktable 2 stations, machine works in continuous cycle, high efficiency.


l  Single color and double colors are optional.


l  Chinese and English versions, flexible and convenient operation.


l  With insert, division, offset, modify and other functions, easy to program.


l  Can save more than 100 different brushes programs, support external USB.


l  Tufting accessories are standardized designs, durable, and easy to repair and replace.


l  Machine got CE approved.

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