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Product Name: SF4ABG 4 Axis Single-head Tufting Machine
Model No: SF4ABG

Specifications & Features
  • Axis: 4
  • X axis stroke: 90º
  • Y axis stroke: Max.300
  • A axis stroke: /
  • B axis stroke: /
  • Z axis stroke: 360º
  • H axis stroke: Max. 200
  • Drilling head: 0
  • Filling head: 1
  • Tufting type: Achor or Staple
  • Fixture: 2
  • Speed (r/min): 450
  • Stroke (mm): 50
  • Hole dia. (mm): Min. 2.5/Max. 6.5
  • Filament length (mm): Min. 40/Max. 110
  • Diameter of filament (mm): Min. 0.05/Min. 1.5
  • Colour: 2
  • Power (kw): 3.5
  • Air pressure (mpa.): 0.4 - 0.6
  • Size (length x width x height, mm): 1040 x 910 x 1810
  • Weight (kg): 450

1.SF4ABG is suitable for BBQ brush with abrasive fiber.
2.Adopt high-speed machine head system. Designed by 1 filling, equipped with a table 2 clamps, works in continuous cycle, high efficiency.
3.Speed reaches 450r/m.
4.PLC and touch screen control system, multi-language version, such as Chinese, English, Spanish, Arabic and Turkish.
5.Can save 128 different brushes programs. Easy to program.
6.Operation system have insert, division, offset, modify and other functions, flexible and convenient operation.
7.The tufting accessories such as needle, bristle-mouths, etc. are standardized designs, easy to repair and replace.
8.Tufting spare parts achieve multi-process finishing, beautiful and durable.
9.Use Italy brake motor, Delta or YASKAWA servo motor and driver, Germany brand bearing and other high quality components.
10.Machine got CE approved.

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